Okay, Nature is Too Adorable. I Can’t Stand it!

If anyone was to walk into my office, they would probably say, “Diva, you really love elephants, don’tchya?”

To which I would reply, “Yes, yes I do.” I have an elephant statue, an elephant planter, an elephant photo frame, even an elephant pencil holder. Now I’ll admit, my admiration of elephants probably stems from a life-long love of Dumbo. But there’s another animal that has kept my heart since I was a baby who, for whatever reason, is not clearly represented in my surrounding.

That animal would be a bear. Willy, nilly, silly old bears, to be exact. 😉

Mmm... hunny!

Mmm… hunny!

That’s why I am super excited for Disney Nature’s newest film, Bears. It looks unbelievably sweet and  though I have never gone to the movies for a Disney Nature release, I really think I will this time.

Please enjoy the trailer and tell me if you’re planning on seeing this film on Earth Day, April 18th!

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