Aladdin the Musical!

Poster for the Broadway Show!

Poster for the Broadway Show!

If you have ever been so lucky to visit Disneyland in California, you may have gotten the chance to see the Aladdin show that goes on a few times every day. I absolutely loved it! The Genie was hilarious, the set was amazing, and the costumes were gorgeous!

"It's hard to beat perfection."

“It’s hard to beat perfection.”


The first time I saw the show, I had taken to Disneyland by myself. As boring as that might sound, I actually really enjoyed being able to scout out the parks for the first time at my own pace.

me party

Since I was the first member of the family to go to Disneyland, the anticipation of a review was in demand. The first thing I blurted out was how wonderful the Aladdin show was! Disney has been planning to bring the show to Broadway, and on March 20th the musical adaptation will debut in New York at the New Amsterdam Theater!



I’m sure the prices in New York are astronomical, but hopefully they will tour the country and I will be able to get in to see the full-length show. Keep an eye out for tickets! And click here to read an interview with Chad Beguelin, who wrote the book Aladdin and also helped with the Broadway show.

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