Disney Fact #67

The four railroad trains at Walt Disney World are each named after someone who had contributed to the WDW Parks and Company.

walt trains

Train No. 1: Walter E. Disney – This one is obvious. He is the mastermind behind the whole operation of Disney.

Train No 2: Lilly Belle – Named after Walt’s wife. She is the one who encouraged her husband to not go forward with the name Mortimer, and renamed the famous mouse Mickey.

Train No. 3: Roger E. Broggie – This man is credited with multiple achievements with the Disney company, including  being the original Imagineer on the EPCOT project.

Train No. 4: Roy O. Disney – Walt’s big brother, and arguably his greatest supporter. Roy saw to complete his brother’s dream and had a huge hand in bringing Walt Disney World (which he renamed from the original “Disney World” for his brother’s honor) to life.

wdw rr


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