Update: Push the Talking Trash Can

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 13, 2014. I’m sorry to say that this information was incorrect. Two days after announcing that PUSH the Talking Trash Can would not be removed from the parks, word came out that the contract between the Disney Company and PUSH’s developer had ended, and would not be renewed. That news has been verified. PUSH’s last day was February 9th.

Well, folks. Looks like we successfully saved Push the Talk Trash Can from getting… well, canned.

Happy Dance Time!

The rumor sent many a-twitter that Push would no long be part of Tomorrowland. A spokesperson for Disney expressed that these were merely rumors, and that Push will still be found roaming the paths of Tomorrowland. Rumor or not, I couldn’t believe how many Disney fans rallied to keep this hidden gem around. I’m excited to try and find him next time I am at the Parks!


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