Disney Plush Sale

Who doesn’t love stuffed animals? Especially when they are our beloved Disney characters! The Disney Store is having a sale where plushes are buy one, get for for $1!

Lately I’ve notices that the Disney merchandise, by way of Plush toys, have grown to include all sorts of different characters.

You have the classics friends like Pluto.

Pluto plush

You the dog!

Or ones from classic movies like Lady and the Tramp.

Tramp plush

Get a look at that shiny collar.

But now, you can find other more obscure characters, ones that wouldn’t necessarily have been available when I was a kid. Like Bullseye from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

Bullseye Plush

Woody’s best friend would make a great toy for baby 🙂

Or Archie the Scare Pig from Monsters University.

Archie the Scare Pig plush

Don’t even THINK about tossing my Archie!

How about a baby version of the Tick-Tock Crocodile from Peter Pan.

Baby Tick-Tock plush

OMG so cute!

I would urge you to visit the website. The collection far exceeds the Mickey Mouse or Pooh Bear and Friends collections that I grew up with. *I still love them*

This unbelievable selection would almost be a crime to miss with such a great deal!

I’m still waiting for my Mufasa plush…

Oh come on! You would be absolutely adorable!

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