Disney Fact #48

Well, they look happy!

I’m a tried-and-true animal lover. Some days I would rather hang out on my couch with my dog than socialize with humans. That being said, I’m having trouble relating to the researchers who found it best to sue Walt Disney Studios for the portrayal of the hyenas in the movie The Lion King.

Yes, you read that right. Researchers who worked with hyenas felt that the movie portrayed them as “evil” and/or “stupid”, and that act could hurt their cause of preserving the population of hyenas. Some boycotted the movie, and one suit was filed by a researcher for ‘defamation’ of the hyenas character.

I believe the real defamer was Scar. He sold the hyenas out to be conniving and twisted. While I’m not exactly sure what happened in the Disney lawsuit (if anything), I do know that Scar got what he deserved in the end.


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