Disney Fact #30

One of my favorite Disney movies if “A Goofy Movie”. I’ve always loved the songs, and the movie is packed with cameos and parodies. But one interesting thing to watch for is the presence of the three nuns. They appear five times throughout the movie!


The first time, you’ll see a nun in the hallway of the department store that Goofy works in. As he’s running down the hall yelling “I’m going fishing with my boy!”, you’ll see on nun, and then when the little girl runs after Goofy, a different nun is standing to the side. Next, during the song “Out on the Open Road”, the three nuns pull up next to Goofy’s car and sing. The third time they appear is at the diner (after Max commits his heinous act of changing the map!). You’ll see that they are seated in the booth behind Max. And during the monster truck show, the nuns can be seen yet again, sitting behind a cheering Max and a not-so-exuberant Goofy. And finally, you’ll see them at the gates of the Powerline Concert. Apparently those three nuns were on a very similar adventure as Goofy and Max, although they may have had an easier time making to the show!


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