Do Not Disturb

stitch sleep

Sorry folks, no Friday Facts today. I went out Black Friday shopping and now, it’s time for me to crawl into bed as the sun rises to wake the sane people who slept of their meals.

By the way, the Disney Store is having an incredible sale in stores and online, with over 1,000 items marked 40% off. Check out their Magical Friday Sale here.

What am I wishing for this Christmas? Why, a humongous Stitch plush doll, of course! I’ll try and resist buying myself a gift for now.




Happy Thanksgiving!


I truly hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, shared with family and friends, a good food! I’m thankful to you all who read my blog, share in my obsession, and offer me great conversation and insight! I found a video that I think you all will like. It’s a cute, funny little video in honor of Thanksgiving – and it’s Disney themed, of course. Is there any other way? Enjoy!

Safe Travels!

Ah, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I always find it complicated to stay focused for a full 8 hours at work when I have visions of cranberries and pumpkin pie dancing through my head. I’ll have to find a good excuse to get out of work early and start the celebrating.

work excuse

While I work on that, here’s a quick message from Officer Chipmunk about how to stay safe while travelling (or cooking!) this Thanksgiving. For those of you who do not speak any of the woodland animal languages, Kronk is here to translate.


<<That’s not helpful at all.>>

Celebrate Ferdinand!

On this day in 1938, Ferdinand the Bull was released. What makes this short mean so much to me is that my grandfather is also a Ferdinand, and they have almost the same temperament. Although Ferdinand the Bull is a large guy, while my grandfather was also smaller, they share the same laid-back personality, always are full of wonder, and definitely not a “tough guy”.

ferdinand the bull

Not very threatening, is he?

If you’ve never seen the cartoon short, do yourself a favor and check it out! These old cartoons are so charming and nostalgic. I wish they made more like this!


Happy 86th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!


That’s right, 86 years ago Mickey Mouse made his debut in the cartoon “Steamboat Willie”. No fifteen minutes of fame for this guy!


Things have certainly changed a lot since his debut. Not only has HE changed (there are some creepier toy versions of him in the beginning), but the way we watch him has changed, too. I’ve only just yesterday downloaded my #DisneyMoviesAnywhere App – now that it is available for Android users. And it’s amazing!

I was able to watch an old Disney cartoon on my phone while waiting for a meeting to start. Unbelievable! If you are a Disney Movie Rewards Member, I highly recommend you check this new feature out.

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse, from this Diva and all the millions of fans you have gained across the globe. We love you! <3


Deleted Disney Song Makes me Wonder…

Disney certainly has some movies that were instant classics. Snow White, Cinderella, and more recently, Frozen. Then there are those hidden gems that didn’t get as much recognition (ehm, The Princess and the Frog), and it makes me wonder why.


But I suppose they can’t all be classics, right?

One of the less-popular Disney movies has to be Hercules.


I’ll never understand it. It’s an awesome movie with great music, funny characters, and a refreshingly tough chick.


Check out Meg’s deleted song, “I Can’t Believe My Heart”, which was replaced by the more upbeat “I Won’t Say I’m in Love.”

I actually enjoyed the slow pace of this song, because it made Meg seem more vulnerable and gave more depth to her character. Thoughts?