Trying to keep with a “Spooky” theme

In my efforts to try and keep the next few posts until Halloween spooky, I thought I would confess to something rather embarrassing. One of my earliest memories of being scared came from a seemingly innocent Disney movie. That movie was Dumbo.


While I cried uncontrollably – and still do – whenever the heart-tearing “Baby Mine” plays from mother elephant to baby, I’ll admit that the fear came from a different elephant. Pink ones, to be exact.

pink elephants

Yeah… it’s twisted. Like, I-just-partied-at-Woodstock twisted. You get my drift. The contorting, sneering, evil looking elephants freaked me out so much that I couldn’t stand to watch it.

stomp ele

Come on! Tell me that isn’t frightening for a kid!!!

Anyways, now that you’re probably trying to recall how that creepy, so-not-Disney song went, I thought I would be nice and include a link here for you to watch it. Alone. This Diva will not participate in any pink elephant parades any time soon!

George the Ghost is at it Again!

I cannot believe that I am just learning about this! A true ghost story, at Walt Disney World, one on of my Top Ten favorite rides (shameless plug for my next Top Ten category!).

Yes, it’s true, my love of a good ghost story nearly rivals my Disney obsession. While I was browsing through my Tweets the other day, I noticed a fair amount of concerned park-goers had been evacuated from the Pirate of the Caribbean ride. “Why?”, they all asked, “Does anyone know?”

And then – I found the answer. It’s because of George the Ghost!

ghost gif

This intriguing urban legend has some flaws for “facts”, as most urban legends do. But the story is roughly this: While working construction on the nearly completed attraction (which opened in 1973), there was a welder named George who died. His death could have come from a fatal fall off the burning city, or h was crushed to death by a beam. Either way, the story is that his spirit is stuck in the POTC attraction.

See the face in the mist? Could it be George?

See the face in the mist? Could it be George?

Cast Members are in the habit of saying good morning and good night to George every day. It’s said that if he is not greeted by the CM’s, or if a rider on the attraction proudly boasts that they do not believe in George, his spirit will stop the ride from working. Whoa!



So in response to yesterdays evacuation, I have to ask myself this: Did a CM neglect their greeting of dear old George? Or was it, more likely, that a curious fanatic, in the midst of the Halloween spirit, challenged the restless apparition for a bit of mischief?

I’m not sure, but I know one thing. Next time I visit, I’ll be sure to say “Good Day!” to George myself, just to be safe. :)

Fun Facts Friday! #153

Disney Fact #153:

One of my favorite rides at WDW is the classic creepy attraction, ” The Haunted Mansion“. Every time I get on the ride, I notice new things, and regardless of the dozens of times I’ve been on it, I still get a mini panic-attack in the Stretch Room!

One of the most intriguing and mystical characters at “The Haunted Mansion” has to be Madame Leota. Did you know that the infamous floating head got her name from her model and voice, Leota Toombs (yes, Toombs is her real last name!)?


Leota Toombs was an Imagineer who worked on Madame Leota and other characters in the ride. One night at home, Leota was practicing getting into character and rehearsing her lines out loud. She must have been really into it, because, according to her daughter (and future Imagineer!) Kim Irvine, her mother didn’t realize that Kim’s date had shown up and was listening to Leota’s rehearsal. Apparently, he asked Kim “Wow, what’s up with your Mom?” before they left.


That’s quite an ice-breaker! Now, enjoy all of Leota’s hard work.



Wisdom from Timothy Q. Mouse

Sometimes my ear hears a phrase and it just sticks with me. When I was watching Dumbo, I heard this short little sentence and thought, “I can’t believe I never caught that before!” Of course I wasn’t surprised that tons of people already have, and when I googled this inspirational quote, I find my fair share of beautifully designed posters with this quote on it.

dumbo quote

How precious is that? I love it! Now I’m off to see if someone has made a tangible plaque or poster of this, so I can hang it up right in front of my computer! Looks like Mickey isn’t the only inspiration mouse around! :)

ows 5 - timothy q. mouse

Fairytale Designer Collection

I have to say, I was disappointed at the lack of The Princess and the Frog representation while on my trip to WDW. While at the largest Disney store in the world in Downtown Disney (World of Disney store), I was bombarded with floor to ceiling offerings of Frozen memorabilia. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with that movie, but my girl Tiana is seriously under represented. I figured at the largest Disney store in the world, they would have been able to dedicate a shelf or two to her. *sigh*

Anyways, my disappointment has been mildly averted, thanks to the new “Fairytale Designer Collection” on


This collection highlights the following movies: The Princess and the Frog, Mulan, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.


It’s a rather small collection, but it’s a start! And check out the beautiful Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen doll!

tiana doll

While I’m less of a doll collector and am more likely to buy one of the mugs (or shirts, but I’m slowly getting away from that, too, with the help of my tiny closet), I have to say that I was tempted to start a doll collection. But I think for now, I’ll just be happy to know that this exists out there, somewhere!

Now go watch the movie and tell me that Tiana isn’t one of the coolest Disney Princesses to date! :D