Disney World Tag! You may be “it” :)

Ooh, I like this game! I was recently “tagged” by fellow Disney blogger, The Disney Freak with a bit of Mascara, in this fun, all about Disney, game! My responses are below. I am going to tag the following:

The Animation Commendation

Pixie Pointers

Disney On My Mind

Katie’s Keys to the Kingdom

This iconic entrance always makes me smile!

This iconic entrance always makes me smile!

1.Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios? Magic Kingdom #Castles

2.Epcot or Hollywood Studios? Epcot! Mostly for the food, but hello – I get to travel the world in one day! Plus, who doesn’t love Soarin’. Probably my favorite ride of all!

3.Animal Kingdom or Epcot? Yikes. Oh boy. I really love Epcot. But I’m such a big animal lover, and they’re adding an Avatar Land and that just sounds amazing! If I only had one day… Epcot. *that hurts*

4.Epcot or Magic Kingdom? This is getting rough. Can I call a tie? Is that allowed? I gotta be honest, I really think the Epcot wins this for me. While I would be bummed missing out on MK, I feel like Epcot is such an amazing park, you feel like you’re on such an adventure. And it’s a little more adult, so I’m going to say Epcot. I surprise myself sometimes…

5.Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom? Hollywood Studios. A trip to WDW doesn’t feel right without seeing the 3D Muppets Show, and also they have Fantasmic, which completely blew my mind!

6.Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom? Magic Kingdom. And that means I officially ended this round without choosing Animal Kingdom. #bummer

6.Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? I’m a chicken and haven’t rode either ride. I know, I know. But I am enticed to go on Splash Mountain next time, so I’ll choose that. Come on, a roller coaster in the dark – are you people crazy?!?!

7.Peter Pan’s Flight or It’s A Small World? Peter Pan’s Flight. Can never got on the ride, though… :(

8.The Jungle Crusie or Pirates of the Carribean? Pirates of the Caribbean, although Jungle Cruise is up there. But you need to ride POTC, it’s a moral imperative! Continue reading

So Adorable! Moana Casting Announcement!

This video shows fourteen-year-old Auli’i Cravalho learning that she has been chosen to voice Disney’s newest princess, Moana. The film, which focuses on the Polynesian Princess and her exciting adventure, will premier in November of 2016 (Can we wait?! I don’t think so).

Cravalho and her mother have the most amazing reactions. It was really touching to watch as they received the news.

Congratulations, Auli’i! I look forward to the movie and wish you great success!

Fun Fact Friday! #174

This is sad… I love Peter Pan. :(

peter pan

Bobby Driscoll was the first actor to be put under contract with Disney. He starred in several of Disney’s live action films, including Song of the South and Treasure Island, but is probably best known as the voice of Peter Pan.

bobby driscoll peter pan

                                             Driscoll with Walt Disney

While he was extremely popular, a few weeks after Peter Pan was released, his contract with Disney was cancelled. His severe acne was noted as the reason. His career declined and he became addicted to drugs. He eventually wound up in prison for possession in 1961.

After his release, his attempts to resume acting failed and he passed away in 1968, at the young age of thirty-one.




POTC Ride changes at WDW. Thoughts?


I’m a bit out of touch when it comes to park restorations as I’m a good 1,500 miles away (wah!), but I heard that the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean ride was up for a refurbishment of some sort over the summer. Apparently, the updates are completed, and the Number 1 change that I keep reading about is the change to THE DROP!

According to the Theme Park Tourist, along with multiple Facebook groups that I follow, the drop has been smoother down to feel more gentle to riders.

drop potc

                            The 14-foot drop!

I’m not, by any means, a big thrill ride person. I actually have never been on Splash or Space Mountain (don’t shoot!), but that drop was always something that I anticipated.

So, I’m wondering if any one has been on the ride since it opened last week, if they noticed any changes, and even if you haven’t been on the ride lately, what are your thoughts on the drop?

Yo ho, yo ho…yo ho potc