Disney Fact #115

Did you ever notice the multiple references to Mulan in the move Lilo and Stitch? The reason for the subtle tributes might stem from a historical connection. The first animated feature to be made at Disney’s Orlando Studios was Mulan (1998). Lilo and Stitch was the second animated feature to be made there.

mulan wok

The references include a store in town called “Mulan Wok”, as well as Nani’s “Mulan” poster from the film on her bedroom wall, and a poster of “Little Brother” in the shelter.

little brother



How Well Do You Know…?

With all the buzz circulating about the new Broadway adaptation of Disney’s Aladdin, I’ve found myself wanting to re-watch the classic. Unfortunately, my copy of Aladdin is classic as well, a real antique VHS tape :(

While I wait for the movie to run on TV (or for myself to just order the DVD), I took the time to try out this quiz from Disney Insider. I got 9 out f 10 wrong!

aladdin applause

Good luck! Try the quiz by clicking here.


First Look at the ‘Dwarfs’ Featured in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride!

Originally posted on Disney Fairytale Files:

We are THAT much closer to the Seven Dwarfs at Magic Kingdom!

Just today, Disney Parks released a video giving fans a first look at some of the characters who will be part of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in Magic Kingdom.

The video is short, but gives us something to hold onto as we anxiously await the ride opening later this spring (would Disney just give us an exact date already!?!?!?)


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