Fun Fact Friday! #156

Can you believe that at this time next week, all this hustling and bustling in preparation for Christmas will be over? We all have our own ways of preparing for the special holiday. For example, every year I spend about 3 hours, at least, perfecting my Christmas Village. And on Christmas Eve, we host our family with dinner. While my siblings and I are all in our 20’s now, we still spend Christmas Eve together, sleeping at our parents house.

I agree, Wendy, but we all have too. All children do... except one.


There are also some special Christmas traditions at Walt Disney World. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios. Epcot’s Candlelight Procession. And of course, the building of the ginormous, 16-foot tall Gingerbread House located at the Grand Floridian.

But here are some astounding numbers that sum up part of what makes it a Winter Wonderland at Walt Disney World:

  •  It takes 150 semi-trailer truckloads full of decorations to decorate 24 resorts, 4 theme parks, Downtown Disney and other Disney ® locations.
  • There are an astonishing 1,300 decorated trees throughout property.
  • The 70-foot-tall tree in Disney’s Contemporary Resort entrance lobby features nearly 35,800 white LED lights


  • 15 miles of garland strung and 1,314 wreaths hung throughout the World Disney World ®.
  • There are 300,000 yards of ribbon and bows hung on Christmas trees throughout the property.
  • 10 miles of twinkling rope lights go into the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ®.

osborne lights

  • A total of 8.5 million lights light up Walt Disney World Resort ®.
  • Magic Kingdom ® proudly displays a Christmas tree with a base 26 feet wide.

magic kingdom christmas tree

Santa, maybe next year you can grant me an early Christmas wish, and help me get down to the “World” to celebrate! heart gif



Conflicted over Love Song…

…Not that I am getting married any time soon, so truly this is not an emergency. But every once in a while, this Diva daydreams about her fairy tale wedding. The major details are already set:

Location: Walt Disney World

Officiant: Goofy 

Transportation: Pixie Dust

Groom: TBD 

Along with those important details, my Wedding Song was always going to be from “So This is Love” – and for those of you who do not know what movie that comes from, I will tell you, and then immediately ask you to take a good, long look at your life choices. It’s from Cinderella, and is hands-down one of the most romantic moments in any movie, not just Disney, but ever! It’s perfect in every way. It’s short, which is good, because I don’t need to be dancing to a 5-minute song. The words are perfect yet simple. And it encapsulates what I would imagine a Disney Diva bride would want to feel on her wedding day.

so this is love cinderella

That being said, I find myself in an (unnecessary) conundrum.

The other day I was working at my desk, crunching numbers while tuned in to one of my most frequented Disney radio stations, when suddenly a familiar song came on. Oh yes, I have heard it many times, and I know all of the words… but for some reason, listening to it again made me realize that THIS might be a better wedding song. The travesty!


And what song, you might be wondering, has me all in a tizzy. I guarantee you know it too, and if you think about it long enough, you will figure it out.




tramp yawn



jiminy wait angry



But I don’t have all day, so I’ll tell you. Drum roll please!



It’s “One Song” from – ehm – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (You knew that, right?!) It’s beautiful! It’s magical! It’s just as perfect as my first choice, and that’s not fair!

Listen to it. Compare it to “So This is Love”, and tell me that I have not just discovered the newest, soon-to-be–most-discussed-and-debated current issue of our time. That being: Which Song is a Better Wedding Song?

Well, what do you think?


My Computer Woes

I feel as though I have entered into joint custody with my IT guy over my beloved computer. Every other day it seems I find myself unplugging all the cords yet again, to ship my computer off to get yet another repair. It’s been quiet an adjustment.

alice sad

But all is well. I have my computer back, and have been promised that it is 100% good to go! I wanted to mark my return with a few inspirational words from a very smart bear.


‘Avatar’ Ride Coming to Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Disney Diva:

Some very exciting news! Avatar at Disney is a perfect marriage, and I am super psyched that this ride is on the works! ;)

Originally posted on Disney News Today:


From Variety -

There are many perks to running the Walt Disney Co. It turns out one of them is getting to be the first to ride the winged beasts that will be one of Animal Kingdom’s signature rides when “Avatar” land opens inside the Walt Disney World theme park in 2017.

Bob Iger said he was recently given the chance to try out the ride, which will enable guests to fly through “Avatar’s” Pandora on the back of a flying banshee.

“It felt so real, so lifelike,” Iger said of the prototype vehicle guests will board to travel through the fictional land. “There’s never been anything like it.”

The vessels that guests will ride upon will essentially be the banshees themselves, with bodies that move to mimic a breathing beast. The flying sequences will be brought to life through large video screens — similar to “Soarin’” — with vehicles moving with the 3D…

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It’s Official – a Disney Xmas Tree for 2015

I don’t know what took me so long, but I have made the decision that I desperately NEED to have my own Disney Christmas tree. Disney means so much to me, and I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas and all things Disney, so combining the two seems like a natural next step for this obsessed diva.


There are so many cool things for a Disney Christmas tree. In one of the many Disney groups I am in, a member submitted a video of his Disney Christmas tree, and it was amazing! He had a monorail set going around the tree in place of the traditional train set, and set figures around the tree in a mock Walt Disney World fashion, representing the parks! I was inspired!

Click the picture to be directed to the store, in case you feel inspired to get me a present ;)

Click the picture to be directed to the store, in case you feel inspired to get me a present ;)

I told some people that if they wanted to get me something for Christmas, a Disney ornament would be great! My lovely sister was the official first to offer me this gift (yes, she couldn’t wait until Christmas) and got me a Princess Tiana ornament, knowing that she is (one of) my favorite princess! Yay!

tiana ornament

Let the collecting begin…

A Great Find!

The other night, I was feverishly searching for something. I wasn’t sure what, but I wanted something special to pop up. And then I came across this page, Disney by Mark. He had shared these wicked cool maps hand-drawn by “The Curious Cartographer” Jonah Adkins. You can check out Adkin’s tumblr page here.

These awesome drawings are maps of The Jungle Cruise and It’s a Small World ride. There are little notes written on them that are cute and funny. I seriously want to frame these!

DbM-wdw-jc-ja DbM-wdw-sw-ja